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Friday, August 18, 2017

Profile of the Invading Somali Liyu Police that Invaded Five Oromia Zones and 14 Oromia Districts

1. Established in April 2007 as counter insurgency military group, the Somali Liyu police are estimated to have more than 40,000 well-armed and well-funded troops.
2. Who is providing the funding and training: Initially, it was funded and trained by the government of the United Kingdom. Now, the group is believed to have a wider network in the Middle East, in addition to the support it regularly receives from the TPLF/EPRDF government of Ethiopia.
3. Objectives and purpose of the group: The key objectives of the group is territorial expansion into the Oromia region with the purpose of fulfilling the Greater Somalia Dream of Conquering Eastern and Southern Regions of Ethiopia. Presently, according to Oromia Regional Government Spokesperson's interview with VOA, the group is conducting large scale war against unarmed Oromo civilians in Five Zones and 14 Districts of Oromia Region.
4. Oromia Zones and Districts under Invasion: Presently, the Somali Region Army, the only Ethiopian region to have its own standing Army, is attacking in five Oromia Zones and 14 Districts. Some of the Somali invaded Oromia districts are:
i. Qumbi, Cinaksan, Midhaga Tola, Gursum, Mayu Muluqe and Babile in East Hararghe Zone;
ii. Bordode in West Hararghe Zone;
iii. Dawe Sarar, Sawena, Mada Walabu and Rayitu in Bale Zone;
iv. Gumi Eldelo and Liban in Guji Zone; and
v. Moyale in Borana
5. The position of the Oromia Regional State: It seems the Regional government is caught off guard and empty handed. After losing hundreds of counties to the rapidly advancing invading Somali forces, the newly constituted administration of the President Lemma Megersa is yet to train and arm the Oromo people to defend themselves or solicit support from the largely unwilling federal government.
6. The position of the Ethiopian Government: There is a big hole here. Individually all Oromia Regional government officials believe that the TPLF/EPRDF government is fully behind the group including openly supporting and arming it with the objective of weakening the Oromo for internal political purposes. Official statements are not yet to be issued by either party.
7. Suggested Future Course of Action: The Oromia Regional government must mobilize, train and arm the Oromo people to defend themselves against this barbarous invading force. Demobilized former Ethiopian government military forces should also be called upon both to train and led the people's
defense force to be created.

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